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Writing Help

Below are links to various useful online writing resources.

Application Letters and Résumés
Tips from the University of Toronto Writing Centre for writing good application letters and ré sumé s.

Columbia Guide to Online Documentation Style

Comma Crunching
Arnie Keller‚ s advice for how to make your commas behave themselves teaches procedures and gives practice for putting the little guys in their place.

Documentation Techniques— APA Format
Excellent help for using the APA citation format (from Grant MacEwan Community College).

Documentation Techniques— MLA Format
Excellent help for using the MLA citation format (from Grant MacEwan Community College).

Garbl‚ s Writing Resources Online
Links about grammar, style and usage, reference sources, plain language, active writing, etc.

Grammar Grabbers
Writing tips showing samples of text that could be phrased better.

Grammar Help Pages
A wealth of resources on grammar help and interactive language exercises. Many links useful for ESL students.

Guide to Grammar and Style

Hit Parade of Errors in Style, Grammar, and Punctuation
A collection of common writing errors and how to correct them.

The University of Ottawa‚ s on-line grammar manual reviews the parts of speech and the standard rules of correctness and spelling; it also includes tests with explanations of correct answers.

Standard Documentation Formats

Where Do They Go? Commas Step by Step
More help from Arnie Keller, who outlines steps for putting commas in the right place and for keeping them out of the wrong place. A special bonus: help with semicolons.

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