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Terrorism Reviewed

Government Sites
Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations
International Organizations
Trials and court cases

Government of Canada Sites

Safety and Security for Canadians
This website is maintained by the government of Canada with links to various government initiatives dealing with national security issues.

National Security Initiatives
This website offers links to present federal government initiatives dealing with terrorism and security.

Updates on the International Campaign Against Terrorism
This webpage links to highlights of Canada's role in the international campaign against terrorism.

As Canada's national police force, the RCMP has several mandates that relate to terrorism, including its priority to combat organized crime, to participate in global security and to combat terrorism.

National Security Tip Line
Established by the RCMP, this phone number provides anonymous tipsters the ability to report information relating to terrorism.

Security Intelligence Review Committee
The Security Intelligence Review Committee ( SIRC or the Committee) is an independent body reporting to Parliament on the operations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service ( CSIS or the Service).

Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CSIS is Canada's "spy" agency with a mandate to protect national security interests.

The Integrated Threat Assessment Centre
ITAC is a cooperative initiative, composed of representatives from various partner organizations designed to ensure that Canada's national security responses are integrated. Partner organizations include the RCMP, the OPP, CSIS, National Defence, Foreign Affairs and others.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
PSEPC is a mega government department joining under the Minister Responsible for PSEPC six national security departments, including the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canada Firearms Centre, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), the National Parole Board (NPB), and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)


Canadian Statutes and Regulations are accessible from the Federal Justice Department website at

Aeronautics Act
This statute was one of three federal statutes amended or enacted as a response to the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

Anti-terrorism Act
This Act amended the Criminal Code, the Official Secrets Act, the Canada Evidence Act, the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act in order to combat terrorism.

Public Safety Act
The purpose of this Act was to amend 23 existing Acts, and enacts a new statute to implement the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, which entered into force on 26 March 1975.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
This statute was amended by the Public Safety Act, and also contains provisions for "removing" refugees and Immigrants to Canada from the country.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Contains constitutionally protected rights and freedoms which may be limited by s. 1 of the Charter.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act
This statute established CSIS in 1983.

Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations

The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies
The CISS is a non-governmental research institute with a mandate to research and analyze the strategic implications for Canada of major national and international security events.

T he Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
Known as CASIS, this association of academics, government officials, journalists, lawyers, and former intelligence officers provides a forum for debate on security and intelligence issues.

The Canadian Intelligence Research Centre
CIRC promotes itself as the first Internet website specifically and entirely dedicated to matters related to Canadian intelligence. It has links to laws, government commissions, media reports and declassified government documents.
An independent research and media group of writers, scholars and activists, the Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Amnesty International Canada
This is the website for the Canadian branch of the world's largest Human Rights Advocacy Organization.

International Organizations

The International Association for Counter-terrorism and Security Professionals
An international association, the IACSP states its purpose as the provision of education and information to the public on counter-terrorism, and to promote international cooperation in counterterrorism policy.

Amnesty International
The international website for Amnesty provides information and links to other human rights organizations around the web.

Security Council Committee on Counter-terrorism
This is the home page of the UN committee mandated on September 28, 2001 in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center.

The Council on Foreign Relations
The CFR was founded in 1921 to study American foreign relations. It publishes the internationally renowned publication Foreign Affairs. It also provides links to academic and political think tanks on matters of international politics and diplomacy.

Terrorism: Q's and A's
This website answers questions about international terrorist organizations and provides links to more in depth articles on al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the IRA and more.

Trials and Court Cases

From, a brief explanation of al-Qaeda, with links to other information about the network

Timeline provides a timeline on the history of the al-Qaeda network

BBC.News Indepth
This provides an alternative perspective to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden than both the Canadian and American websites.

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?
For a website with articles and links to many research papers and topics that suggest that the war in Iraq is a result of American support of various illegal operations, see University of Ottawa, Professor Michel Chossudovsky's articles on the CRG website.

CBC News Indepth
Links to the CBC background information on Osama bin Laden, the head of the Al Qaeda network.

Guantánamo Bay
Amnesty International's website on Guantánamo Bay that addresses the condition of detainees at the American naval base.

United States of America v. Omar Ahmed Khadr
This links to the actual court documents in the Omar Khadr case
This link to ABC news provides information on the Omar Khadr case.

Abdullah Khadr
Oldest son of  Ahmed Said Khadr, a senior member of the Al-Qaeda group. Khadr was born in Canada and is a Canadian citizen but has been accused of being a terrorist.

CBC News Indepth
This website has a background story on the Khadr family with comments and information. It also provides links to current news stories on the family.

Maher Arar
This is Arar's own website which describes his treatment and torture by Syrian officials and the response of the Canadian government to his allegations.

Arar Commission
This is the website for the Commission which investigated the allegations that Canadian officials were involved in Arar's deportation to Syria and his subsequent torture there.

Arar Commission Report
This is the Report from Professor Stephen Toop, fact finder at the Arar Commission Inquiry.


Counter-Terrorism Coordination and Health Information Networks (CTCHIN)
Maintained by the Public Health Agency of Canada this website provides links to journal and other articles on terrorism and bio-terrorism

Guidelines/ Regulations / Contingency Plans/ Procedures/ Protocols
This website maintains a link to federal and provincial documents as well as to American and other national protocols. There are also links to international documents from organizations such as the World Health Organization.

United States Institute of Peace
The USIP library maintains a database with links to various types of information related to terrorism and counter-terrorism.

Terrorism Updates


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