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Web Resources

The internet has a lot to offer to students interested in criminology and criminal justice. To help you with your research, we have provided web links to selected sites that will help you find (or provide further information on) topics relevant to your course.

Criminology Glossaries and Dictionaries
Crime Prevention
Corrections and Prisons
Youth Justice
Government Departments and Agencies
Canadian Police and Intelligence Agencies
International Police and Intelligence Agencies
Media Information


A comprehensive website designed specifically with the young criminologist in mind. Contains overviews of criminological theories and a gallery of famous criminologists. (from the American Society of Criminology)
This site explores various theories and offers annotated links.

Theoretical Development of Criminology
An excellent site covering many criminal theories and theorists.

Theories of Criminal Law
An entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Criminological Theory
Brief explanations of various theories.

The Criminology Mega-Site
Includes overviews of main theories, along with a discussion of history and terminology.

Deviant Behaviour
Lecture notes on deviance and theories of deviance by Robert Keel’s at the University of Missouri.

Marxist Theory
A detailed introduction to Marxism and its applications in various fields.

A Feminist Perspective on Women and Crime
An essay introducing feminist criminology.

The Durkheim Pages
Includes a biography of Emile Durkheim, along with summaries of works and a glossary.

Biological Roots of Criminal Behavior
Links to information on biology and crime.

The Criminal Mind
Discussions of criminal psychology, criminal profiling, and other related issues.

The Phrenology Page
An in-depth, illustrated discussion of phrenology.

Criminology Glossaries and Dictionaries

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
An online dictionary of legal terms.

Canadian Legal Information Centre Dictionary
An online dictionary of Canadian legal terms from World Wide Legal Information Association

JURIST Canada's Browsable Dictionary
Canadian legal terms available online

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences
From Athabasca University, an online dictionary dedicated to the social sciences.

Forensic Glossary
A Canadian resource, with references for most definitions

This is a British site with links to law dictionaries from other commonwealth law countries.
This site provides links to a variety of legal dictionaries.

The 'Lectric Law Library's "Legal Lexicon's Lyceum"
Spun from a meeting of the American Bar Association, this is promoted as the largest internet law dictionary.

Law Dictionary of American Legal Terms
Most carry the same definition in Canadian law.

Law Dictionary
Another source for legal definitions from

Lawyer Int'l Dictionary
With legal definitions from Bouvier's Law Dictionary, if you cannot find the word you are looking for, this site offers an interactive word search engine.

Legal Explanations
For plain speaking legal definitions

Form Folks Legal Dictionary
A searchable legal dictionary of the terms found in legal forms.

Glossary Agent: Crime and Fraud
Dedicated to the area of fraud.

University of Virginia Social Sciences (Law and Criminal Justice)
An excellent site with links to a number of criminal justice dictionaries and research aids.

Terms of Criminology
From the site.

A Prisoner's Dictionary
Provides definitions to terms used in  prison culture

The Correctional Officers Guide to Prison Slang
From AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Union for Correctional Officers.

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
This website provides links and definitions of various names and terms used in the study of philosophy.

Crime Prevention

The National Crime Prevention Strategy
This is the home of Canada's national crime prevention strategy that aims to reduce crime and victimization in Canada by tackling crime before it happens. The site includes publications, databases, and other online resources.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC)
This is Canada's lead department for public safety, including crime prevention.

Safe Canada Portal
Links to Canadian crime prevention programs

RCMP’s Crime Prevention Services
Explanation of some of RCMP’s 200 programs aimed at assisting communities in preventing crime or reducing the fear of crime.

International Center for the Prevention of Crime
The ICPC was created for the purpose of assisting cities and countries to reduce delinquency, violence, and insecurity.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Established in 1997,UNODC is mandated to assist member states in crime reduction, terrorism and illicit drug transactions. The site provides links to the crime congresses held regularly since 1961.

The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
This is the organization mandated to implement internationally recommended crime prevention strategies.

Frauds, Scams Alerts
A site from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that announces fraud scam alerts and other information in the area of economic crime.

Reporting Economic Crime On-Line
A Canadian site for filing complains about crimes and suspect activity in this area.

Crime Prevention Links
Links to various Internet sites and resources, from the Government of Canada.

Crime Stoppers International
International site with links to national members and resources and publications concerning crime prevention.

Criminal Justice Online
Information on policing and law enforcement

National Secretariat Against Hate and Racism in Canada
A national advocacy group working to eliminate racism against aboriginal people in Canada

British Columbia Youth Police Network
Crime prevention through the prevention of youth violence.

Ontario Provincial Police: Crime Prevention
A description of various crime prevention programs of the OPP.

Child Abuse Prevention Network (USA)
An Internet site dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

How to Protect Yourself
Practical tips on how to avoid becoming a victim, from Nova Scotia’s Department of Justice.

Crime Reduction (UK)
Britain's programs to reduce crime

International CPTED Association
CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design): A different view of crime prevention.

Asia Crime Prevention Foundation
A view of crime prevention from Asia.

Blueprints for Violence Prevention (USA)
Summaries of the best violence prevention programs across the United States.

"Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn't, What's Promising" (USA)
Full text of a report to the United States Congress.


Criminal Code of Canada
An online copy of the Criminal Code.

The Criminal Law Center
Basic criminal law principles in an easy to understand format

Duhaime Law
An excellent online legal resource with a broad overview of many different types of Canadian Law

Canada’s Criminal Code: A History
A brief history of the Criminal Code.

Department of Justice Canada: Laws
Full text of hundreds of federal statutes.

Canadian Constitutional Documents: A Legal History
Full text of various historical acts, along with useful annotations.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Probably the most important piece of federal legislation in Canada.

Department of Justice Canada
National statistics and information.

Canadian Legal Information Institute
A wealth of information, including constitutional documents, statutes, and regulations, along with links to courts across Canada.

Jurist Canada
From the Jurist group, this is the Canadian site, with links to laws and other legal information for students, teachers and lawyers.

Jurist Legal Education Network
From the Law School at the University of Pittsburgh, this is an excellent legal resources website.

Federation of Law Societies of Canada
Latest news and views from the lawyers of Canada.

Canada’s Court System
A description of the operations of the court system in Canada, from the Department of Justice.

Privacy Act
Access to information and a citizen’s right to privacy are explored.

Canadian Bar Association
Professional Association for Canada's lawyers

Indigenous Bar Association
An Association for Aboriginal lawyers in Canada

Criminal Lawyers’ Association
One of the largest specialty legal organizations in Canada.

Law Commission of Canada
Website of the federal agency that advises the government on how to improve Canada’s laws.

ACJNet Canada
A nationwide collection of law and justice resources.


Canada’s Court System
A description of the operations of the court system in Canada, from the Department of Justice.

Supreme Court of Canada
The website of the highest Canadian court.

Supreme Court of Canada Judgments
Judgments going back to 1985.

Federal Court of Canada
Decisions and information about the courts responsible for reviewing administrative law decisions

Courts in Canada
Links to various Canadian courts.

Canadian Criminal Databases
Public databases of the Canadian criminal court system, province-by-province summaries, and international sites.

The Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Promotes research designed to improve the administration of justice

Canadian Judicial Council
This organization is responsible for the conduct of the Canadian judiciary

National Judicial Institute
Provides training and information for Canadian judges as well as brief recitals on functions of all the courts in Canada

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (FJA )
The government department responsible for administering judicial affairs including appointments and independence

Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges
Includes information and comments on various cases, as well as legal links.

The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ)
An international organization with members from 89 countries

The Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals (CCAT)
Links to administrative tribunals and issues of concern to those dealing with these less formal quasi-judicial entities

The Aboriginal Justice Strategy
Working with Aboriginal organizations to design justice systems that more truly represent the needs of Aboriginal Canadians

Map of the Court System
A breakdown of the Ontario and federal court systems, from the Ontario Women’s Justice Network.

Canadian Administrative Tribunals
From the African Canadian Legal Clinic, this site provides access to all Canadian administrative tribunals; provincial and federal.

Aboriginal Court Workers Program
Information from the Department of Justice on this program for Aboriginal people

Legal Aid Offices in Canada
From canlaw, this site provides access to information about legal aid in Canada

Legal Aid in Canada
Information about the legal aid system in Canada

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Advice, policy and legal information on AIDS issues

The Western Canada Society to Access Justice
The Western Canada Society to Access Justice has merged with Pro Bono Law of BC to form the Access Pro Bono Society of BC. Access Pro Bono provides pro bono services to low-income individuals and families living in British Columbia.

The Native Law Centre of Canada
Information about Canada's oldest training center for Aboriginal people interested in legal careers

Legal Aid Ontario
Information on Ontario’s legal aid program, available to low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities for a variety of legal problems.

Legal Services Society (BC)
Provincial service that provides free legal services to British Columbia citizens.

Provincial/Territorial Court Systems

Alberta Courts

Courts of British Columbia

Manitoba Courts

New Brunswick Courts

Newfoundland Courts

Northwest Territories

The Courts of Nova Scotia

Nunavut Court of Justice

Guide to Ontario Courts

Prince Edward Island Courts

Courts of Quebec

Courts of Saskatchewan

Yukon Territory Court System

Corrections and Prisons

Basic Facts about Federal Corrections
One of the greatest challenges facing the Correctional Service of Canada is low public awareness and understanding of federal corrections. These simple facts about the correctional service assist with a better overall understanding of Corrections Canada.

Federal/Provincial Jurisdictional Issues
Information about the role of the national and provincial governments in corrections in Canada

Canadian Center for Justice Statistics: Beyond 2020
This is the website for Statistics Canada's justice statistics.

Canada: Institutional Profiles
Profiles of correctional institutions across Canada, sorted by region.

Inside Canada’s Prisons
A wealth of information, photos, and videos on this topic, from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Correctional Investigator of Canada
The ombudsman for the Federal Correctional system

Correctional Service of Canada: Aboriginal Initiatives Branch
Information about the mandate of the branch, along with facts and figures on Aboriginal federal offenders.

International Corrections and Prison Association
A site used by professionals in the criminal justice system to share ideas.

Amnesty International
A vocal organization that speaks to the world about cruel incarceration of humans.

Human Rights Watch
A further international organization that monitors abusive government behavior. There is a section that looks at prisons and prisoners.

An "inreach" program for offenders staffed by prisoners with life sentences.

Canadian Families and Corrections Network
A support group for offenders and their families

Prison Talk
Internet based support for inmates and their families

Prison related publications
From the Prison Activist Resource Center

Prison Justice
Comprehensive website of useful information about prisons from an offender's perspective.

Justice Behind the Walls
Organization devoted to prisoner's rights in Canada

Frequently asked questions by young people about the prison system in Canada.

Home Office: Prisons Over Two Centuries (UK)
A brief look at prisons in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Prison Me - No way!
A site from Britain that encourages young people to stay straight and out of prison. Has good links to the histories of prisons

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (USA)
An American site that helps to provide care and treatment to incarcerated individuals.

Alcatraz Official Website
Now a National Park, you can take a tour of one of the world's most notorious prisons.

Sentencing in Canada
From the John Howard Society of Alberta, this is an information site on sentencing.

The National Parole Board of Canada
The National Parole Board, as part of the criminal justice system, makes independent conditional release and pardon decisions.

The History of Parole in Canada
Did you know conditional release started in Canada in 1899? Answers to questions from this website.

The Safe Return of Offenders to the Community
Interesting statistical information.

Boot Camps: Issues for Canada
The concept of boot camp is examined.

Provincial/Territorial Corrections


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island



Yukon Territory

Youth Justice

Youth Criminal Justice Act
Full text of the act.

YCJA Explained
A detailed explanation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Youth Criminal Justice Act FAQs
General legal information on the Youth Criminal Justice Act from the University of Alberta; Legal Studies Department.

The Great Young Offenders Act Debate
Debates about the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Young Offenders Act, maintained by Stephen R. Biss.

CBC News Indepth: Youth Criminal Justice Act
A feature on youth justice from CBC Youth Criminal Justice Act
Information on youth crime and the YCJA

The Young Offenders Act
An examination of the Young Offenders Act of 1984 by Philip Rosen.

Youth Justice Education Partnership
A multidisciplinary organization dedicated to education about youth justice.

Youth Justice Renewal (Department of Justice Canada)
A site dedicated to criminal justice issues for young people.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada:Youth and Children
Crime prevention research publications available online

Youth Crime in Canada: Public Perception vs. Statistical Information

1998 publication of the John Howard Society of Alberta

Youth Crime Data from Statistics Canada
Access to the most current research and statistical information on youth crime in Canada

Myths about Youth Crime in Canada
From the Center for Research on Youth at Risk at St. Thomas University

Links from ACJNet on Young Offenders
A variety of resources on young offenders from the Access to Justice Network.

Project Early Intervention
Discussion of a project in Ottawa that evaluated whether youth could be diverted from criminal activities with early intervention

This site is directed towards youth to assist them in resolving disputes in ways other than aggression.


Policy Centre for Victims Issues
The mandate of this centre at the Department of Justice Canada is “to work toward increasing the confidence of victims of crime in the criminal justice system by pursuing a range of activities and initiatives.”

Canadian Statement of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime, 2003
Canadian statement of basic principles that guide the development of policies, programs, and legislation related to victims of crime.

Victims of Crime Website
Contains practical information about dealing with the consequences of being a victim.

Crime Prevention and Victims’ Resources
Links to victim resources and crime prevention information sources.

Victims of Crime Act
Full text of this British Columbia statute.

World Society of Victimology
Among the goals of this society are to promote and encourage research, advocate for victims of crime, and advance the cooperation of international, regional, and local agencies, groups, and individuals concerned with the problems of victims.

International Victimology Website
A resource for all those interested in improving justice for victims of crime and abuse of power.

Victims Assistance
Links to government resources aimed at helping victims of crime.

Victim Assistance Online
A resource centre for victims, including an exhaustive listing of relevant links to Canadian sites.

Information for Victims of Crimes
Resources available from the National Parole Board.

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime ( CRCVC )
An advocacy center for victims and survivors of criminal acts.

Victim Information Service
A 1-800 number for victims of crime

RCMP Crime Victims Services
Resources from the RCMP on crime prevention and support for victims of crime

While Canadians Against Violence (CAVEAT) has dissolved, it continues to maintain links on the internet for people interested in issues affecting victims of crime.

Victims of Violence: Canadian Centre for Missing Children
The centre is “dedicated to the prevention of crimes against children and in this respect to educating children on personal safety issues.”

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
Resources and information on domestic violence issues

Victims and Persons Accused of Homicide in Canada
Current data from Statistics Canada.

Office for Victims of Crime (USA)
Information and links from the US Department of Justice.

Government Departments and Agencies

Canadian Government Information on the Internet (CGII)
A compendium of online information about the Canadian government.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
This recently created federal government portfolio includes emergency preparedness, crisis management, national security, corrections, policing, oversight, crime prevention, and border functions.

Department of Justice Canada
Contains information about the department, an overview of the Canadian justice system, news stories, and complete laws of Canada.

Law Commission of Canada
The Law Commission of Canada is an independent federal law reform agency that advises Parliament on how to improve and modernize Canada’s laws. This site includes research papers, reports, and news releases.

Correctional Service Canada
The site includes information about the organization, programs, and policy of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Correctional Institutions: Federal Information
Information and links from the Canadian government.

Statistics Canada
Includes current and historical Canadian statistics.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Offers information about Aboriginal peoples and government programs that address Aboriginal issues.

National Crime Prevention Strategy
“The National Crime Prevention Strategy aims to reduce crime and victimization by tackling crime before it happens.”

Some Provincial/Territorial Government Departments

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

British Columbia Attorney General

Manitoba Justice

New Brunswick Department of Justice

Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Justice

Northwest Territories Department of Justice

Nova Scotia Department of Justice

Nunavut Department of Justice

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

Prince Edward Island Office of the Attorney General

Justice Quebec

Saskatchewan Justice

Yukon Department of Justice

Canadian Police and Intelligence Agencies

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
The RCMP is the Canadian national police service providing federal policing in all jurisdictions.

RCMP Training Academy
The depot facility for training the national police service.

National Police Services
Develops leading edge scientific and identification methodologies and tools to fight crime.

Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)
Operated by the RCMP under the stewardship of National Police Services, this centre provides information to the public and to other agencies and organizations.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
The service uses a variety of collection methods to monitor individuals or groups whose activities are suspected of constituting a threat to national security.

Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC)
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada is an organization that provides the facilities to unite the criminal intelligence units of Canadian law enforcement agencies in the fight against organized crime in Canada.

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
The site offers access to various publications, resolutions, news items, and more.

Canadian Police Research Centre
A joint project of the RCMP, National Police Services and the Chiefs of Police to develop cutting edge technologies for police work.

Canadian Intelligence Agencies
Links to agencies across Canada and other resources.

Canadian Professional Police Association
Voluntary organization for police officers

International Police Association: Canada Branch
Links to Canadian and international police organizations

Links to Police Associations in Canada
Web links to police services in Canada.

Canadian Security and Intelligence Community
This government publication notes that the core work of the security and intelligence community is to contribute to the safety and security of Canadians.

The Canadian Police College
The national training facility for police officers.

Law Enforcement Aboriginal and Diversity Network (LEAD)

Designed to assist law enforcement agencies in developing a co-ordinated approach to working with aboriginal communities

First Nations Policing Policy
A document explaining the federal policy from the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

International Police and Intelligence Agencies

The world police organization dedicated to helping the international effort to fight crime.

International Court of Justice
The official court of the United Nations, whose role is to settle legal disputes based on international law.

Crime Stoppers International
This organization provides a worldwide network for this popular crime stopping program.

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
This institute is formally affiliated with the United Nations. Its role is to contribute to the development of international criminal justice policy.

Amnesty International
This famous organization works to promote human rights around the world.

International Police Association
The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service around the world.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
Founded in 1893, IACP was established to facilitate international co-operation in policing

International Association of Women Police
An organization for women police

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The website of the investigative arm of the US Department of Justice.

Southeast Europe Police Chiefs of Police Association
An association sponsored by CIDA and the RCMP to assist with the sharing of polilce information in Southeast Europe.

United States Intelligence and Security Agencies
Links to United States–based intelligence agencies.

Australian Intelligence Agencies
Links to the various Australian security and intelligence agencies.

United Kingdom Intelligence Agencies
Links to intelligence agencies that operate in the United Kingdom.

Soviet/Russian Intelligence Agencies
Links to intelligence and security-related factions that are present in the former USSR.

Chinese Intelligence Agencies
Links to all known Chinese intelligence agencies.

Indian Intelligence and Security Agencies
Links to Indian security and intelligence services.

Pakistan Intelligence Agencies
Links to intelligence and security services in Pakistan.

World Intelligence and Security Agencies
Links to intelligence and security services throughout the world.

Media Information

Canadian Crime Stoppers Association
Crime Stoppers uses the public and the media to assist the police in solving crime.

Media Awareness Network
This website offers articles and links to information about how the media affects us.

Media Coverage of Organized Crime: Impact on Public Opinion?
An in-depth study from the RCMP site by Judith Dubois.

For the Record
The story of Michel Auger, a Montreal crime reporter who was shot by bikers while investigating their turf wars and other illegal actions, from the Canadian Association of Journalists site. Other areas are very informative as well.

Youth Crime in Canada: Public Perception vs. Statistical Information
An article examining this issue, from the John Howard Society of Alberta.

Off Balance: Youth, Race, & Crime in the News
An American site that examines the media’s over-reporting of youth crime.

Gender and Violence in the Mass Media
A report available from the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

21CC: Media and Crime
From the British Library an interactive website on how the media affects our perceptions of criminal activity

Covering Crime and Justice
A website prepared by Criminal Justice Journalists that addresses issues for crime reporters.




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