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Diversions and Pastimes

Take a break from studying or preparing your lecture and check out these sites that we have collected and loosely called "fun" sites.

Most of the information on these sites is more like sensationalized entertainment than real criminological information (although we snuck a few of the more interesting "information" sites in as well).

TV Crime

This show follows a team of forensic specialists as they investigate capital crimes.

CSI: Miami
Same basic concept as CSI except that it strictly takes place in the Miami, Florida, area. The show deals with other issues such as sexual assaults and most capital crimes.

CSI: New York
Another spinoff from the ever popular CSI team, this time set in a gritty New York City.

Law & Order
The classic courtroom drama show. This deals with very realistic situations and is faithful to American criminal justice procedures.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
This show includes the same elements as the original, but it shows the view of the police investigators.

Law & Order: SVU
This version of the drama takes almost strictly the police investigators' view and illustrates how they build the case and collect the evidence.

Cold Case
A show which premiered in 2003 which follows police investigators in Philadelphia as they solve "Cold Cases."

Prison Break
Runaway new show about prison inmates planning their big break.

America's Most Wanted
This reality show brings the FBI's most wanted criminals to the public. It tells the story of their crimes and hopes that viewers are able to help bring the criminals to justice.

This is Wonderland
A Canadian black comedy set in one of  Toronto's lower criminal courts.

DaVinci's Inquest
Canada's answer to Quincy, M.D. A cool, gritty show set in Vancouver.

Cold Squad
Another Vancouver-based show.

Due South
A great Mountie-out-of-water show.

Info about the show, screen captures, news, and more.

The Ultimate Columbo Site
Includes illustrated episode guides and a wealth of related information.

Unsolved Mysteries
This show highlights abnormal crimes and paranormal activity. It relies on the viewer to give tips and leads about the many outstanding criminals across the world.

Literary Crime
In the fictional realm, try for great links to online books and television.
For an academic website that provides links to crime fiction and film, try Britain's Lancaster University;, a Department of English subsite, is a website with over 2000 titles that you can read or research online.

This is a comprehensive website from Professor Jack Lynch at Rutgers University that provides links to different literary texts; just insert the authors name into the search engine provided.

British Crime Writers Association
Also see the site for the British Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger Award given annually to an author of mystery fiction;

American Mystery Writers Association
For the American equivalent see the Edgar Awards presented annually by the American Mystery Writers Association at

Specific Authors

Wilkie Collins
Considered by many to be the father of the modern mystery novel - read his more famous novels online!

Edgar Allan Poe
The writer the Americans consider to be the father of the genre.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
This is the official web site of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate, Doyle is of course, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Agatha Christie
The British author who gave life to Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple along with others in over 80 books, short stories and plays.

Dashiell Hammett
Credited with founding the American black mask genre of mystery fiction featuring "hard-boiled" detective, Sam Spade.

Erle Stanley Gardner
Master of the courtroom drama in which he situated lawyer Perry Mason, who always had his cliet acquitted when Mason and his allies, Della Street and Paul Drake outwitted  D.A. Hamilton Burger and Lieutenant Tragg of the LAPD.


Court TV
This website features some of the highly publicized trials across the United States, as well as a small number of international events.

This site keeps track of all the latest criminal justice events in the United States.

True crime news
Stories from around the world updated daily with searchable archives.

True Crime Ink
True Crime Stories on the Internet with really comprehensive related links to websites about “Computer Hackers” Gangsters, etc.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
This site keeps up-to-the-minute information on Canadian and international news.

World Crimes
News and extensive information on crimes from around the world, including human rights violations and terrorism.

The internet site for the television station of the same name. It is regularly updated with current news events.

The Globe and Mail
Canada's national newspaper with selected articles online. You'll need a subscription to have complete access to the site.

The "Beeb" provides access to Great Britain's multi-media communication giant, with links from the website to BBC Radio and BBC television. The site has an international page and a UK version which provide different takes on the same information.

Arabic News
Arabic News service which provides access to daily events and occurrences from an Arabic perspective.

Modern Crime & Cases

Wanted by the RCMP
Current list of Canada's most wanted.

National Centre for Cold Cases
An American website that provides information on cases that have gone "cold" with good links to other American and International forensic organizations.

This is the link to the home page of Interpol, the world's largest international police organization, with over 180 members.

National White Collar Crime Center
Working with the FBI, this is an American Congress funded Organization devoted to solving fraud and cyber crime cases.

The Wacky World of Murder
This website has information on major serial killers in Canada and the United States.

Criminal Minds and Methods
For a diversion on Terrorism, Serial Killers, Gangsters and Outlaws, Notorious murderers try

Crime Archives
Newsflashes and information on serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals, killer cults, and more.

Organized Crime Registry
This site contains articles, links, and news related to organized crime syndicates around the world.

Code Amber Alert
A webpage with links to unsolved as part of the American “Amber Alert” Legislation.

Clifford Olson: The Case of the Missing Lower Mainland Children
Details of the Clifford Olson case.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka
The story of the crimes committed by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. For another site on the same topic, click here .

Steven Truscott
This website accompanies a book by Julian Sher on the topic of Steven Truscott's case, titled Until You Are Dead. Among the features are reviews, an excerpt from the text, and an extensive evidence room.

Robert Pickton
This website has in-depth information on the highly controversial trial held in British Columbia.

Walkerton Water Scandal
This website has a summary of the Walkerton water crisis along with the recommendations made by the report.

Donald Marshall
This website talks about the life and times of Marshall and offers more links to this case.

The Wrongful Conviction of David Milgaard
A multimedia exploration of the case, from CBC archives.

The Ordeal of Guy Paul Morin: Canada Copes With Systemic Injustice
An article summarizing the details of the case and its implications.

Robert Latimer
This is the website that Latimer maintains from his penetentiary where he continues to serve his sentence for the killing of his daughter, Tracy.

Historical Crime

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
A growing compendium of unsolved mysteries. The first award-winning mystery featured is Who Killed William Robinson?

Historical Crimes
Articles on some infamous cases in history, from Crime magazine.

The Killing of Witches
This site provides a look into the period of witch-burning.

The Wild Wild West
This website has a lot of information on the outlaws of the late 1800s.

Kansas Gunslingers
Offers plenty of information on the Wild West period in Kansas, including the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Billy the Kid.

This website shows the various means by which stalkers can obtain information legally.

Fun and Games for Criminologists

Duhaime's Law Fun
Links to Jokes and Quotes about lawyers and the law

Lawyer Jokes and Legal Humor
From the Political Humor website, this provides access to lawyer jokes, court jokes and more....
A website devoted to funny and weird moments on the law.

Wacky Court Cases
This site provides access to real court decisions including the U.S. v. Satan.

Yahoo: Lawyer Jokes
Links to more sites with jokes about lawyers

This website offers cop cartoons, top ten lists and weird stories.

Police Humor
"A collection of funny websites"

Dumb Criminals - Funny Crime Stories
Links to true stories about criminals who should be caught

Totally Free Fun Games
These will allow you to waste time, but keep your mind alert(?)


Absolutely James Bond
Forums covering Bond literature, film, music, and much more.

Test Your IQ
Test your IQ and personality type. Some personality types are more susceptible to criminal deviance.

Excellent news on policing and plenty of hilarious humour.


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